Friday, November 23, 2012

The Role Of A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner In Child Health Care

If you are a registered nurse (RN) who enjoys working with children, then training to become a pediatric nurse practitioner could be the perfect career move.

Advanced training in pediatrics means that you will be qualified to provide specialized nursing care to infants, young children and adolescents. This includes nursing and healthcare such as physical examinations, diagnosing injuries and identifying common childhood illnesses.

As a pediatric nurse practitioner (NP) you are required to oversee laboratory and diagnostic tests including blood tests and x-rays for children. You'll be fully trained to perform immunization on children against common childhood diseases and provide counseling for children affected by juvenile diabetes and other common illnesses.

You'll also be called upon to offer advice and practical answers for common childhood complaints and development issues like toilet training, child temper tantrums, ear infections, head lice, biting issues, asthma, allergies, urinary infections, respiratory infections and the hundreds of other healthcare problems common among children. Along with the extremely serious childhood illnesses like leukemia and childhood cancer.

In your role as a specialized childcare nurse, you will be required to perform medical examinations of the child including such things as taking urine samples, taking their blood pressure, making requests for laboratory tests and checking that the child's heart and lungs are functioning properly.

One of the key requirements of a being childcare nurse is the ability to communicate clearly and confidently to children and their parents. It is often left up to the child's nurse to answer difficult questions, provide child healthcare education and child healthcare counseling to both young children and their families.

You will be required to meet with the families of young children to discuss their treatment and recovery. Fully understanding the child's medical condition is vitally important so you will be required to get their correct and proper medical information, medical records and healthcare history.

Today's pediatric nurse practitioner is required to perform under enormous pressure in

Today's pediatric nurse practitioner is required to perform under enormous pressure in numerous healthcare situations. This includes hospitals with specialized children's wards, community or private hospitals, schools, daycare centers and other specialist child care clinics.

When you work in this field, you are dealing day-today with young and vulnerable patients. Children have special healthcare needs and often require specialized medical treatment. The role of the pediatric nurse practitioner is to provide them and their families with the right treatment and support so that their child quickly gets on the road to recovery.

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP), local hospitals or nursing schools are all places that you can get information from if you are interested in furthering your nursing career in this exciting field of medicine.


  1. I believe that pediatric nurses must have a passion for children. Sick children who cry out loud due to the irregularities that they feel can really test a nurse's patience. It should be a great reward for a nurse to finally see a children laugh and play after being cured.

    Oskar Aarden

  2. “Today's pediatric nurse practitioner is required to perform under enormous pressure in numerous healthcare situations.”--- Well, it’s not just about handling kids’ health condition, but dealing with the children as well. Kids have different personalities. Others may be obedient while there are some kids that are naughty and are hard to handle. Pediatric nurses must be patient enough to deal with those.

    Malachi Cates

  3. The ability to communicate well with the parents is really important. You should be able to explain things regarding their child’s health in the easiest way possible. And, with the children, you should have the ability to capture their hearts so that there will be no problem during check-ups and also when you have to do a series of examinations.

    Logan Rojas